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Summer School 2019

CASEE and Danube AgriFood Master Programme invite you to participate in summer school organized by the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague and focused on landscape change:

Landscape change in the modern age: from 19th century towards today's landscape

When:  July 1st - 14th 2019

Where: Prague, Czech Republic

Who can participate: students from all CASEE universities

 Why do we organize summer school about landscape change? We believe everyone should be able to understand a complex story of the European landscape and adopt necessary skills for successful recognition of what is known as landscape memory. Let´s "read" the landscape together and see how modern agriculture developed and what is still left of the old times around us. Let´s learn how to appreciate landscape characted and understand how even small change may have a significant impact. Some landscapes were more succesfull in preserving their integrity, other survived too, but more disturbed, and some lost all what defined them and we need to find a new direction and purpose.

When we talk about purpose - we want you to make feel that your decision and actions have impact on real landscapes and communities living in. What is better way then get assignment directly from a small municipality and develop action plan for some real place :-) If you are curious, stay curious little bit longer, because we will announce our case study soon! At this moment we may reveal just that it will focus on a small village located in Central Bohemian Region and called Neustupov!


What should be the outcomes or gains?

  • better understanding of the complexity of landscape change
  • ability to evaluate and appreciate different landscapes
  • identification of main landscape components
  • exposure to the concept of landscape memory
  • basic training in the landscape character assessment

What we would like to cover?

  • changes in agricultural practises (from 3-field system to precise agriculture in 150 years)
  • watwer in landscape - amelioration, straightening of rivers and streams
  • intensive coal and ore mining, recultivation, deforestation, reforestation
  • new modes of transport and their impact on landscape
  • landscape memory loss (key elements, patterns…)
  • urbanisation, forced depopulation, return of the wilderness
  • loss of settlements, establishment of modern towns and cities
  • change of scenery and visual qualities
  • renewables and modern production of energy

Are you interested? We hope so! Application will be available soon in December 2018 and we have some funding available for you provided by CEEPUS!



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Registration number (ondernemingsnummer): 0546.953.997


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