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The Life Science Universities of Central and South Eastern Europe are the basis for sustainable, ecological and economic development of the region.

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CASEE Conference 2021

CASEE CONFERENCE 2021 (online edition)

CASEE universities as laboratories for new paradigms in life sciences and related disciplines

06 - 08 June, 2021 at the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, Czech Republic

The CASEE Board and the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (CZU) warmly invite and highly encourage all staff members and especially PhD students from CASEE universities to submit an abstract for an oral/poster presentation for the 11th CASEE Conference held under the main theme “CASEE universities as laboratories for new paradigms in life sciences and related disciplines

The conference goes beyond the proclamation about “facing challenges”. The aim is to document that CASEE universities and their faculties already address environmental, economic and societal challenges in highly innovative way. The conference will highlight oral and poster presentation demonstrating that challenges rotating around agriculture, forestry and rural development, food production and consumption, environmental issues and climatic change, renewable resources, bioeconomy, are taken seriously in Central and South-Eastern Europe. Contributions from Ph.D. students and young researchers documenting novelties in research conducted by CASEE universities are highly needed to show for the rest of the world that this region of Europe has a potential for innovations in research.

The abstracts are to be submitted into these subtopics:

  1. Modern agriculture (new challenges in plant and animal sciences, biotechnologies)

  2. Rural development (including landscape planning) and rural economies

  3. Bioeconomy (renewable resources - opportunities and constraints)

  4. Forestry in contemporary world

  5. Sustainable food systems and quality

  6. Environmental safety and climate change

  7. Actual task in agricultural engineering (ATAE)

  8. CASEE Experimental farm network (practical exchange of practices of CASEE experimental farms)

For the detailed information about the conference (incl. programme) and registration visit:

All staff members from CASEE universities and colleagues from other research institutions in CASEE countries are invited to submit an abstract by December 21st 2019. The participation in the conference and the presentation of the papers/posters will provide a feedback for the authors to improve the papers in order to be submitted into various journals (some of them are listed below). Therefore the conference aims not only to discuss its topic and subtopics but also to assist the participants in improving their papers for the submission in many journals. The submission will depend on the guidelines of the journals.

11th CASEE Conference include conference fees as follows:

  1. online participation - 50 EUR


Special information for PhD students

PhD students from CASEE universities are specially invited to submit an abstract for a poster or oral presentation in one of the 8 subthemes of the conference. The conference is a great opportunity to discuss their research findings in an international community because it provides an international feed-back. The deadline for the submission of the abstracts is 14 January 2021. Up to 20 PhD students with full papers accepted by the conference scientific board will be exempt from the conference fee (deadline of these full paper submission to CASEE Secretariat /This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it./ is May 1, 2021; the students will be notified about the acceptance of their abstract by March 31, 2021 latest). 

Online submission: from 10 December 2020 to 14 January 2021.

Only abstracts submitted online can be accepted! We do not accept abstracts submitted by email.

Instructions for preparation of abstracts

  • Abstracts and papers/posters must be written in English.
  • Abstracts should contain the aim of the paper/poster, essential results and a brief conclusion. The authors are advised not to make the abstracts too short or too general (the size of the abstract is 1500 – 3500 characters, including spaces).
  • Abstracts must include 3-5 keywords, separated by commas.
  • Abstracts should not contain tables, graphs, drawings, etc.

The abstracts of all oral presentations and posters will be published in a CASEE Conference 2021 Book of Abstracts.

A special call to participate in CASEE Experimental farm network (EFnet).

CASEE experimental farm network (EFnet) will organize a special network during the CASEE conference in Prague. All interested persons are warmly invited to discuss various topics related to experimental farms/stations and submit their abstracts if they are appropriate for the workshop. The issues discussed during the workshop are:

  • Presentation of the experimental farm/station of the hosting university in Prague
  • Presentation of any experimental farm/station of participants
  • Presentation of the next staff training
  • Aims and achievements of EFnet
  • Results from long-term trials
  • Experiences in teaching practical courses
  • Methodology in field experiments


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