DREAM-Project PA7

DREAM: Europe-wide unique research facility established at the Danube River

Within the scope of the EU-Project SEDDON, a unique research channel was built at the Danube River. The new facility offers new ways of approaching different questions of flood control, hydropower, shipping etc. On the 8th of June, 2015 the facility was presented in a festive event to the public.

Wasser-Marsch ZG

The hydraulic engineering research channel between the Danube River and Danube Channel in Vienna, which is used at the same time as a supply line for the future hydraulic labaratory, has been established as a part of the EU-Project SEDDON (Sediment Research and –management at the Danube River) under the supervision of UNESCO chairholder Prof. Helmut Habersack.

The Project SEDDON is part of the EUSDR Priority Area 7 flagship project DREAM (Danube River Research and Management). DREAM is a compound of 14 countries with the goal to improve the river  focused research infrastructure and cooperation of research institutes in the Danube basin. It offers SEDDON partners the opportunity to develop scientific basics with a practical application and to approach fundamental questions concerning river construction, flood control, hydropower, shipping and ecology,  using a state-of-the-art research structure with a 10 m3 free-flowing discharge (unique in Europe).

Starting on 1 pm on the 8th June 2015, it is possible to visit the impressive construction. Additionally, after the ceremonial “Water GO!” with guests of honour (Mayor Michael Häupl announced his coming) the versatility of the research channel will be presented. Public measurements and scientific experiments ware followed by an invitation to a pleasant conclusion of the evening.







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